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Chief Finance Officer

  • Category: Finance/Economics
  • Salary: NRs Not Disclosed per Month
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Posted On: 2019-09-03
  • Apply Before: 2019-10-03

Specific Attributes

Designation : Chief Finance Officer
Direct Reporting : Business Head
Department : Finance & Accounts
Division : Heavy Machinery (Heavy Equipment)


1. Achieve Profitability

  • Following the proper process & involving the departmental heads budget needs to be prepared.
  • To prepare a CAPEX budget on the basis of development during the years & to spend as per the fixed assets SOP of the company.
  • To assure realization from the machines & the spares parts.
  • To suggest & implement appropriate policies & norms to control the expenses/overheads.
  • To review all the vendors related with direct/indirect expenses & services to assure best negotiable prices.
  • To scrutinize the bills.
  • To avoid leakages and financial discipline line.
  • To optimize the stock to minimize the interest costs.
  • To bring to the attention of management major deviation and variations on discussion line. Similarly to look at the opportunities for the increase revenue, public realizations.

2. Optimize the funds & reduce the interest costs

  • Ensure timely collection of the deals
  • Ensure that SOP is properly followed in the case of deliveries.
  • To provide fund projection before 3rd of next Nepalese month.
  • To review the fund projection with actual and take corrective actions whenever required.
  • To review the ageing of machines & take initiatives with sales department and business head for early disposal.
  • To ensure that unnecessary idle money is not held in current account.
  • To prepare & maintain a register of payment to vendors for better image of company & better relation.

3. MIS preparation, discussion & its analysis

  • MIS to be prepared with all reconciliations, provisions & all mathematical accuracy before 15th .
  • To analyze it & have a discussion on it with corporate & business head.
  • In case of deviation / opportunities to take actions.

4. Compliance to statutory requirements, Accounting principles & company SOP

  • Effective implementation of SOPs/Policies.
  • Ensure compliance of applicable Taxes/Laws/Accounting Standards/Policies.
  • Facilitate & ensure timely completion of Internal Audit/Statutory Audit/Physical Verification.
  • To prepare balance sheet & books of accounts with details twice in a year (Half yearly) as per statutory norms .
  • To assure that all the accounting principles & standards are being observed at branches

5. To ensure timely maintenance of proper books of accounts, regular reconciliations & ledger scrutiny.

  • To ensure maintenance of proper Books of Accounts as required by Accounting Principles/Accounting Standards.
  • To ensure that entries are done on daily basis & cash is closed & reconciled in the evening before leaving the office.
  • To ensure timely submission of half yearly Books of Accounts Finalization.
  • To ensure timely TDS/VAT reconciliation & filing returns thereof.
  • To ensure ledger scrutiny to be undertaken on a monthly basis.
  • To ensure all the provisions & reconciliations being completed before extraction of final trial balance for MIS preparation.
  • To ensure periodic reconciliation of principal & vendors accounts.

6. Insurance of stocks/Assets & in transit stocks

  • Tie up with insurance companies & take approval for appropriate insurance.
  • To assure insurance of all the mentioned assets/stocks & its timely renewal.

7. To ensure timely order of products & smooth/cost effective delivery to the customer.

  • To optimize the stock & assure timely delivery to the customers. To place the order of the machines to the company before 20th of English month.
  • To sync LC opening appropriately with Expected Machine Delivery (to ensure while booking machine).
  • To ensure Insurance & Custom Clearance being done in time so as to avoid delay in machine delivery to customers.
  • To ensure machine delivery to customers place with the supplier company in India assigned transporters so that no extra transportation cost being incurred by the company.
  • Ensure minimum stock level to be maintained in Branches and same to be considered while opening LC.

8. Collection

  • For all the PDCs received, prepare a register & present it with Bank on the date of cheque & assure that it is realized before expiry.
  • To keep the custody of all the bank guarantees & maintain the register with its expiry date.
  • To assure that the claim letter sent to the customer one month prior to the expiry date.
  • To ensure the black listing process executed if PDC check is not realized.
  • To ensure bid security & performance bond is prepared on time & provided to the sales team.
  • To ensure bid security & performance bond is released on time.
  • To ensure the TDS certificate is collected on time.

9. PR building with BFIs

  • Make the list of all the payment to the BFIs & assure its timely payment.
  • To develop relationship with BFIs for better cost of funds.
  •  Look at the opportunities for customer financing.


Minimum 8 - 9 years in similar field


Masters in Finance / Chartered Accountant or similar

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