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  1. Provide us JD of the required candidate and we shall get you the right candidate.
  2. Detail screening of the candidates is done by our expert team.
  3. You need to decide whether to recruit or not the suggested person.
  4. Charges are due only on joining of the selected candidate.
  5. Highest degree of confidentiality is maintained in the recruitment process.
  6. Free replacement is provided for candidates left within one month of joining for any reason.


  1. No fixed cost of advertising and recruitment.
  2. Saves precious time of screening resumes and interviewing unwanted people.
  3. To make decision with only relevant and short-listed candidates.
  4. Get the benefit of largest data bank of skilled job seekers and also Head hunting service.
  5. No obligation cost for unsuccessful process.


  • BM Jobs shall provide resume of the candidates who meets the requirement of the job vacancy placed, after scrutiny by its own team, at no cost
  • Job provider may call the candidates for interview by informing BM Jobs or intimate BM Jobs about the weakness in the resume forwarded and request for additional resume to be sent
  • Job provider shall intimate BM Jobs about the comments on resume received or outcome of the interview on timely basis.
  • BM Jobs shall identify and introduce a candidate for selection to the employer. It shall be the decision of employer only to recruit or not a person introduced.
  • BM Jobs does not take any responsibility for the behaviour, character, performance and the conduct of the candidate
  • The service contract shall be between employee and the Job provider, BM Jobs shall not be a party to it.
  • For the service of "selection, introduction and arranging the interview", BM Jobs charges shall become due immediately when a candidate is appointed.
  • The service fee equal to one month's gross salary (inclusive of allowances & assured bonus but exclusive of perquisites and performance bonus & incentives) candidate appointed shall be payable to BM Jobs immediate upon the joining of candidate
  • The service charges of BM Jobs shall become due for all the candidates introduced by BM Jobs irrespective of whether any of them is already known to the employer.
  • It shall be the responsibilities of the employer to keep inform BM Jobs about the appointment, emoluments and leaving of the candidate.
  • Any responsibility, whatsoever if arises to BM Jobs, will be restricted to the amount of fee paid to BM Jobs.
  • Any dispute on the terms and responsibility between the BM Jobs and the employer shall be settled through arbitration. The place of arbitration shall be Kathmandu.
  • The laws of the Government of Nepal shall prevail.