Technical Support Asst./Manager - IT

  • Category: IT Officer
  • Salary: NRs 20000 to 20000 per Month
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: Kalanki
  • Posted On: 2018-01-05
  • Apply Before: 2018-01-25


  • Overall responsible in technical operation and customer support in all brands of product in assigned location
  • Lead all the Support Team in all brands and exhibit technical expertise in mentoring the support team relating technical support application and maintenance of the assign brands.
  • Direct guidance to all Support Personnel of all brands and provide strategies and techniques in applied skills relating technical support and resolving the problems and difficulties.
  • Reviews and feedbacks of customers and clients through calls and emails.
  • Lead trainings and conduct sessions relating technical knowledge and applied skills to be implement to all the support staffs.
  • Train all support staff in providing best quality service through technical support in field visitation by resolving any difficulties which needs technical expertise in all brands and other related products.
  • Direct decision making through difficulties with positive result outcomes.
  • Provide direction and set standards in Customer Technical Support operation.
  • Orientation to all the activities in Operating technical support and maintenance of Customer Support Team.
  • Implement to all staff the rules and regulations of the company including safety operating procedure and SOP in providing technical assistance.
  • Lead the team as an exemplar mentor in every aspect both in person and in profession.
  • Create schedule of all task assign in all Customer Support Manager in all brands.
  • Ensure the assign task given to all Support Manager will be done in certain duration of time.
  • Coordinate to the Operation Head and Chairman and report all activities and operation of Customer Support Unit.
  • Provide planning and implement set of policies applied to Support Team in day to day basis.
  • Updates all activities and coordinate in Operation Unit in any promotional activities which concerns assign Unit.
  • Attend meetings and seminars called by the Chairman or any reporting authority that benefits info and additional learning in overall operation in Customer Support.
  • Develop systematic flow of schedule to all Support Staff.
  • Execute systematic and strategic planning in Customer Support Operation and Technical expertise.
  • Set a pedestal for the better performance of all Support Staff
  • Prepare necessary reports including support staff evaluation reports, Customer Reviews report (Technical Assistance and Maintenance Works Tracking Record Purpose)and other necessary data as per require from Operation Head and Chairman.
  • Prepare reports of all assign activities in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports.

Specific Attributes

A reputed Business Group into the business of IT products (Printers, E-pabx, Antivirus, Projector, POS Billing,Etc).


  • 2+ the field of IT products (printer, epbax, antivirus) servicing


  • Bachelors cleared
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