• Category: Chartered Accountant
  • Salary: NRs Not Disclosed per Month
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Posted On: 2017-09-11
  • Apply Before: 2017-11-07


1. Formulate & implement the strategies and corporate SOP for the finance function of the organization.
2. Work towards maximizing profit and returns on investments for the organization.
3. Be the company’s face for domestic investments thereby maintaining professional relationships as well as monitoring performance and to collaborate with Units heads for achieving budgets
4. Ensure all necessary compliance and audits as per calendar.
5. Implement new systems and bring innovations in the field of financed and accounting.
6. Facilitate learning and development for all the team members in the division and ensure secession planning.
7. Any other task as assigned by the management.
8. Managing treasury inflows and outflows based on achievements in line with budgets
9. Custodian of funds and effective deployment and maximising returns

1. Review financial performance of all Nepal businesses & Implement cost control measures for the company & Business Units
2. Finalization of Company accounts including the sign off from the statutory auditors.
3. Consolidation of Financial statement for the group.
4. Consolidation / Custodian of MIS
5. Finalization and tracking of corporate budgets
6. Monthly monitoring of budgets with the actual & suggesting corrective actions.
7. Constantly monitor weighted expenditure & take corrective actions.
8. Capital investment / Project investment authorization and control (Note: Final sanctions by PMD)
9. Get involved in operational financial issues of cross functional nature & suggest solutions for the same.
10. Mobilize funds for the company including negotiations with financial institutions.
11. Plan long term & short term financial requirements and raising the requisite finances.
o Working capital management for the Group
o Withdrawals,
o Inter unit transfers
o Monitor Cash Flows
o Monitor Debtors and recoveries
o Timely payment of creditors
12. Diligently track and monitor performance of domestic investments and maintain professional relationships with partners, associates.
13. Ensure timely audits and take all necessary follow up and actions.
14. Oversee Internal Insurance affairs and claims management
15. Necessary agreements/ MOUs drafting , negotiating and review for the group
16. Evaluation of new projects, cash planning for new and existing projects for domestic investments.
17. Scan for opportunities of investments and plan and propose to the management accordingly
18. Maintaining all necessary government relations through GR/PR Department
19. Develop appropriate systems of corporate governance
20. Ensure a proper system of corporate governance
21. Monitor overall financial performance of the Group.
22. Any other task as assigned by the management.

Specific Attributes

Proactive, bold, tactful , integrity, Truthful , self propelling, Confidential and trustworthy , reliable


  • CA with 12-15 years of experience in manufacturing FMCG industry is preferable
  • Skill set to manage relationship with multi vertical heads and teams
  • should have strong analytical skills to identify cost improvements
  • knowledge of internal audit and modern techniques to head the internal audit department


Chartered Accountant

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