Bussiness Unit Head - Electronics

  • Category: Business Develpment Manager
  • Salary: NRs Not Disclosed per
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Posted On: 2018-02-28
  • Apply Before: 2018-03-28


Strategic Business Head developing and directing the strategy, product portfolio and P&L for the company's largest product line. The individual will own the P&L for the product category and lead efforts to exceed financial goals and metrics inclusive of revenue, contribution margin dollars and contribution margin percent.

Responsible for pricing, monitoring competitive price position, competitive pricing activity, costs and margins and working with the commercial, supply chain and manufacturing organizations to develop and maintain proper pricing and margins for the product line.
Develop and execute a strategic plan for the product category that drives market share gain and falls in line with the company's overall strategic direction.
Strategic Planning:
? Develop robust business forecasting models to guide strategic planning and costing models .
? Making Operational decision and delivering strategic business results.
? Make consistent and timely progress for attending the stated strategy.
? Ensures unit has a short term/long term strategy to meet over all business goals.
? Provide leadership in developing programs, services and organizational plans for executions.
? Monitor and evaluates program/plans relevancy, quality and effectiveness.
? Timely monitor of the program/ plans and make necessary intervention in case of any diversion.
? Approved Strategic plan.
? Strategic plan is communicated to all employees.
? Business forecasting model of Business unit is in place.
? Actual Vs Budgeted Bottom line.
? To make growth of Biz.
? Add new Brand products in sales portfolio .
? Expansion of new retail shops.
Financial Planning:
? Ensure adequate control and accounting of all funds , timely maintenance of the records.
? Developing and maintaining sound financial practices to ensure high accuracy of accounting entries.
? Development and adherence to short term/ long term financial plans and cash flow management to achieve the target set by the business plan.
? Ensure all statutory requirements are met by the unit and timely address the issues.
? Ensure all issues raised by the audit are timely addressed and resolved.
? Ensure adherence to budget.
? Fund Management.
? Financial and accounting system.
? Financial Plans.
? Statutory Compliances.
? Audit & Exceptions
? Decrease Operational Costs.
? Manage Start up costs & Finance of business unit by efficient financial management.
? Actual Vs Budgeted Overhead cost.
? No major Non – compliances.
? No incidence of fund crises or holding over cash flow.
? % reduction in operation cost.
? Optimum Utilization of fund.
? Minimize the rate of interest.
? Overhead cost estimation.
Marketing Communication:
? Keep Close track of new products and process of similar and related products in the market.
? Examine new markets and marketing methods that can be successfully used in promoting
? Identify new and cost effective sales tools for use in promotion of the company products.
? Make marketing activities plan/ calendar as per the budget to ensure smooth operation of the
marketing activities.
? To ensure effective marketing tools are used based on budget.
? To ensure motivated marketing division that keeps on adding value to the brands with new
innovation and creativity.
? To ensure motivated marketing division that keeps on adding value to the brands with new
innovation and creativity.
? To monitor the marketing team to develop & implement operational plans for the new product
? Create new marketing strategies & monitor QA & QC measurement.
? No of new Product launch in market.
? % increase in market share Vs Targeted.
? No of new business acquired.
? No of new market segment entered.
? Increase in Brand awareness.
? No of new process improvement.
? Brand Value.
? 7P’s Implementation
HR, Operation and Administration:
? Develop and Maintain workplace climate that attracts, retain and motivate diverse group of productive employees.
? Set and achieve clear and measurable goals at the reasonable deadlines.
? Ensure that the KRA/ KPI of the team set at the beginning of the year & regular performance evaluation are conducted and documented on time.
? Developing the team for higher responsibility & ensure succession planning in place.
? Providing training & mentoring the staffs to achieve the objectives .
? Train & mentor the staff member to achieve the objective set.
? Maintaining attrition rate.
? Timely completion of Goal setting (KRA/ KPI) for team.
? Performance Review should be done on the actual time frame..
? No of training & knowledge sharing program imparted in Electronics division.
? No of Successor developed for critical positions.
? Minimize employees’ turnover.
? Effective utilization of Human resources.
? Groom Manpower for performance oriented.
? Take initiatives and creativity in addressing strategic issues.
? Schedule work for the most efficient handling and eliminate unnecessary activities.
? Decision making.
? Effectively and timely manage continuity, change and transition.
? Make decision in timely manner and intervene where ever required.
? Guide & advice the BUH on any issues brought to the notice.
? Monitor & review project activities & ensure its completion within the scheduled time
frame & the budget.
? Major descion and issue resolved & its financial and environment implication.
? Pro?active leadership.

Specific Attributes



Bachelors / Master

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