CFO - Hospitality (Asset Management)

  • Category: Chartered Accountant
  • Salary: NRs Not Disclosed per
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Posted On: 2017-09-20
  • Apply Before: 2017-11-07


1. Finance
a) Responsible for hospitality assets budgets VS actual and continuous monitoring for
improving asset performance.
b) Analyse financial information and other reports to summarize current and projected
company financial position.
c) Direct and oversee all the financial activities of the Hotel and cluster including
preparation of current financial reports as well as summaries and forecasts for future
business growth and general economic outlook including sufficient internal controls to
prevent leakages.
d) Review reports to analyse projections of sales and profit against actual figures, budgeted
expenses against final totals.
e) Assist with analysing the Hotels operations to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need
to be reorganized, downsized or eliminated
2. Asset Management
a) Monitor and help resolve the issues at the operation level
b) Deal with Partner on partner related matter related to overall operation of the hotel
c) Analyze the performance
d) Participate in the various boards and its committee as member
3. Fund Raise
a) Lead all fund raising initiatives of the hospitality sector
b) Assist all fund raising initiative at the Hotel level
4. Legal
a) Provide all Legal support such as Memorandum of Understanding, Shareholders
agreements, Share purchase agreements, due diligence process for any business
development or acquisition opportunities.
b) Standardize various agreements and also ensure standard head of terms to efficiently
drive the process of legal agreements execution.
c) Consolidate all legal agreements and constantly review the compliance to the agreements
on regular basis by all parties.
d) To ensure continuance compliance of Board formalities and signing of executing
documents connected with.
e) Continuously review the nominees in the Board as well as alternates to have effective
Board Control.
5. Commercials
a) Participate in all commercial discussion and decision for al BD and Project.

Specific Attributes


10-15 years


1. Should be CA /MBA with Hospitality Background
2. Should have carried out asset management and have experience with multi owner- operator relationship
3. Back ground of legal will be added advantage

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